Review Euromania: “Asking all the right questions.”


So if, like Secretary Albright, you are not up to speed on the European Union debate, despite the months of politicians campaigning for this week’s elections to the European Parliament — or if you are an American, which certainly means you are (and should be) clueless about the EU — a Dutch film maker has just released a one hour-documentary that might be the fastest way for you to get a handle on what is really going on in the EU.

“Euromania” was written and directed by Peter Vlemmix, an unshaven, hoodie-wearing 38-year old who does not have the attitude or the look of a natural right-winger. Yet there is the hairy leftie on film, asking the questions and summing up the facts that point to just how dangerous the EU is to all of us.

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In the interview, the Dutch filmmaker Peter Vlemmix talks about his film “Euromania”. Vlemmix sees the EU as a harmful, anti-democratic apparatus that benefits mainly large corporations. What gave you the idea to produce an EU-critical documentation?

Vlemmix: I increasingly noticed that the EU meddling in affairs of my city and my country; and even more so to adopt rules and laws in these matters. She meddles in the Dutch energy policy and in our criminal law. Last week Brussels has forbidden us to count our own election results – we had to wait until Sunday. This development I question and as a filmmaker my job is to seek answers. Therefore, I have decided for this project. EU critics are quickly discredited as nationalists. On the other hand, criticizing EU is mostly done by nationalists. Where do you organize yourself? Are you a nationalist?


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RTL NEWS journalist: Euromania from Peter Vlemmix is a must-see


Bron: RTL Nieuws

The European Union is opaque. Information which must show how effective European policy remains “classified” or “secret.” Yet journalism needs its own drive to check also the Brussels power. And we still barely succeed, says Hella Hueck in our series on the European elections.

After two days of rain my kids became so petulant, I dragged them to the Eye Museum in Amsterdam. (They watch a lot of TV on weekends, but how do you make such a film?) In the museum shop was a notebook for merchandise stating: “Facts do not tell the truth.”

Phew. If the facts do not tell the truth, what am I doing with my profession than, I thought. Journalists swear by facts. We want to tell the truth. Watch RTL News, and you really know how it is. Right?

The subtle difference between what is fact and truth became evening clearly at the premiere of Euromania at the debate house of Holland, De Balie in Amsterdam.


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Article on The Post Online: Secret Services don’t only watch, they broadcast


Snowden. NSA. WikiLeaks. Drones. The realization begins to sink in with more and more people, we live in a surveillance society in which our lives 24/7 are in the spotlight. But it goes further, the people must sympathize with this system. Through a remarkable marriage between the U.S. military complex and Hollywood that works better and better.

Top Gun

What are you thinking at Top Gun? Jets, Tom Cruise and bromance? These are the images on our brains. But in an office in Arlington, Virginia in the U.S., the film is known for a very different reason: as the first successful Pentagon commercial. In the early eighties, the U.S. military has an image problem. Vietnam was a lost and useless war. Many young Americans were killed, and ‘the ones that came back just weren’t the same anymore (Springsteen, The River.)

Polls showed strong decline in defense confidence and new signups. But defense needed soldiers urgently. What did they do? They called Hollywood.


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Join my Beamerprotest!


Privacy is under pressure like never before.

And while many people start to inform themselves and try take measures, government and corporations are not joining them in this effort, instead we see a continuous push for more bulk data collection.

Time for action: a beamerprotest!

On december 3 more than 50 schools in Holland will watch Panopticon simultanious.

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